You Are Your Habits with Julien Smith

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Julien Smith is a long-time friend and familiar face on the podcast. I first brought him on in 2013 to talk about why not caring about what others think is a useful skill to have as a creator in any field (translation: he penned a LEGENDARY blog post called ‘the subtle art of not giving a f*$k’ – which went crazy viral and later inspired a best selling book by Mark Manson…). And now Julien is BAAACK…this time talking about both his best selling books (The Flinch, and Trust Agents) and…drumroll please… his latest startup venture called Breather – an amazing service the provides on-demand meeting and studio space all across North America, which has raised more than $100M to date. When I need recording studios for the podcast on short notice in LA or NYC? I use Breather.  A quick headshot where you don’t want to rent a photo studio for $3000. Yep, Breather again. $150 bucks. You get the picture. But more than anything, this episode is simply rich with a dose of reality that all of us creators and entrepreneurs need to hear: namely that we’re all in this together. That we all have imposter syndrome. That we all simultaneously […]

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