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I give Dr. Gupta a pat on the back for going on Joe’s podcast. He was clear, articulate, and clearly a strong supporter of vaccination and CNN. However, the guy couldn’t persuade a monkey to eat a banana. It seemed to me that his agenda was to convince the Joe Rogan audience to be proponents of the vaccine, as opposed to anything but. He couldn’t. He makes poor arguments that kids should be vaxxed and he makes no argument as to why those who have natural immunity should be vaxxed. In fact, he could hardly support as to why people should be wearing a mask. He recommends only wearing N95 since cloth masks are ineffective. Let’s put all the 7 year old students in n95 masks. Ha!

At times Dr. Gupta seemed like a salesman and inauthentic, but that was expected. Here we have a CNN scientist/doctor that attempts to drink whiskey with Joe Rogan while also trying to convince parents to vaccinate children when the data shows that they are unlikely to get sick from Covid. I respect the guy for trying to be a regular guy, but the CNN make up was beginning to run down his face during the convo.

I think it was a good play for Gupta. He tried to satisfy the CNN decision makers, while also telling the public, I can be one of the guys. But, Joe pointed out his ideological flaws.

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