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    Keisha Grey Biography

    Keisha Grey Biography

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Wendy Stokes

    Keisha Grey is a former American pornographic actress. Let's learn more about her life and career. Early Life On 9th June, 1994, in Tampa, Florida, USA, Kelsey . . . The post Keisha Grey Biography appeared first on The Frisky.

    Jon Pardi Jokes He Practiced Choreography in His Barn Ahead of ‘Heartbreak Medication’ Music Video

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Carmen DiPippo

    Jon Pardi has never used choreography in one of his music videos, but there certainly is a first time for everything! The "Night Shift" singer will release his new album Heartache Medication in late September, and says this album is all about "pushing myself a bit more and trying something new." Ahead of the upcoming full album release, Pardi's latest video for single "Heartache Medication" features both him and his longtime girlfriend, Summer Duncan, dancing and looking ever so happy together. "Singing and also dancing - it's a big step! We had to rehearse for it," . . .

    A$AP Bari’s Defamation Suit Against Sexual Assault Victim Tossed

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed TMZ Staff

    A$AP Bari just took another big L stemming from his sexual assault case ... because the judge tossed his countersuit against his victim. According to new legal docs ... the rapper's defamation suit against the woman, listed as Jane Doe, and all . . .

    Lil Uzi Vert Says He Didn’t Ignore Lil Nas X and He’s Down to Collab

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed TMZ Staff

    Lil Uzi Vert says people who think he shaded Lil Nas X -- including X himself -- are tripping and just don't understand etiquette on Twitter ... where sending a heart is all that's required. Allow us to explain -- Lil Nas was trending, again, this . . .

    Exclusive: the Puppy-Filled Gag Reel For A Dog’s Journey Is 2 Minutes of Pure Joy

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Quinn Keaney

    If you're a dog person, then you've likely had no shortage of friendly four-legged animals to watch on the big screen over the past few years. Between A Dog's Purpose, A Dog's Way Home, and A Dog's Journey, it seems like there's always a pup-friendly movie in the box office. Now that the latter is coming to digital and Blu-ray in August, we have yet another exciting morsel for you to chew on: an exclusive gag reel featuring lots and lots of puppies. The film itself stars Frozen's Josh Gad as the voice of a dog who finds the meaning of his own (seriously adorable) existence through the lives of . . .

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