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    The Inner Glow That Lets You Know: Twitter Reacts To ‘The Boondocks’ Return

    The Inner Glow That Lets You Know: Twitter Reacts To ‘The Boondocks’ Return

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    Source: WarnerMedia / HBO Max

    Ralph Lauren’s Friends Collection Is an Ode to Rachel Green’s Iconic Style

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    Jennifer Aniston, FriendsFriends fans, rejoice! It's safe to say that Ralph Lauren will "be there for you" now that they've dropped an entire collection in honor of Rachel Green's iconic...

    Julianne Hough Debuts First New Song in Nearly a Decade During America’s Got Talent Finale

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    The season finale of America's Got Talent is here - and so is new music from judge Julianne Hough! During the show's season 14 finale on Wednesday night, the star debuted her first new song in nearly a decade with a high-energy performance. The debut of the single was accompanied by a dance performance from season 14 finalist V. Unbeatable. "I couldn't imagine a better stage," Hough, 31, told reporters ahead of the finale. "This is where people's lives begin, and I feel like I'm just getting started with my music again." Before Wednesday, Hough hadn't released a new . . .

    Justin Trudeau Admits He Wore Brownface at Arabian Nights Party After Photo Surfaces

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    Justin Trudeau is taking blame after an old photo recently surfaced showing him in brownface. The Canadian prime minister addressed the incident during a press conference on Wednesday, just hours after a photograph obtained by TIME was released, showing Trudeau with dark paint over his face, neck and hands as he wore a white robe and turban. A then-29-year-old Trudeau and the four women surrounding him were attending an "Arabian Nights"-themed party at West Point Grey Academy - the private co-ed day school where he taught - when the photo was snapped for the 2000 to 2001 yearbook, . . .

    Our Editors Look to These Products For Fuller, Natural-Looking Eyebrows

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    The conversation around eyebrows is divided: while some people love theirs to look full and bushy, others opt to keep them well-groomed without a hair in place. Whichever effect you prefer, you'll find a formula on this list that will give it to you while making your brows look completely natural. We've rounded up our editors' eyebrow go-tos, including brow gels that keep them in place without ever flaking, pencils that fill in sparse areas, and pomades with high-impact pigment that won't fade for hours. Check out our picks for the best eyebrow products, ahead.

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