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Survivor: Island Of The Idols Episode 10 Recap: And The Game Continues On

This past week was maybe the most brutal in the history of Survivor. The game has a tendency to spill over into real life from time to time, as everybody always is saying how Survivor represents a microcosm of human society. But after last week’s epis…

Lagging out

Been like a week. Keep lagging out online games I can join in a game whether it be park or rec but as soon as it starts I get lagged out. Please someone help. submitted by /u/Imannyyo [link] [comments]

Sorry Y’all, But Only People From The South Are Passing This Quiz

Are you really from the South, or are you just a big fake?View Entire Post ›

MyCareer help

is there anyway to change the rotations in mycareer? They traded my backup PG which is Rubio for a PF which is Gay and now I’m getting all the PG minutes and my stamina can’t handle it LMAO.

submitted by /u/donclyde
[link] [comments]

Unlikely Friends! Camel, Cow, and Donkey Discovered Walking Down a Street in Kansas Together

It was a scene straight out of a Christmas nativity – just a few weeks (and a few sheep!) short. A trio of unlikely, four-legged friends was reunited with their owner this week after they were found roaming down a street in Kansas. The Goddard Police …

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