Real Artists Don’t Starve /w Jeff Goins

Real Artists Don’t Starve /w Jeff Goins

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Jeff, like many of us, has had a winding path to his art. He’s a best-selling author of FIVE books including The Art of Work and his latest, Real Artists Don’t Starve. As a youth, he never claimed being a writer, but it was always something that lingered in the back of his mind. From joining a band to lingering at a comfortable job, he was just waiting for his mid-life crisis to push him into gear and start taking action. Our conversation is chock full of actionable, tangible, you-can-and-should-do-them nuggets about how to go from starving to thriving as an artist. Perhaps the biggest nugget revolves around something I’ve been suggesting to you for years- don’t quit your day job while pursuing your side hustle. Keep your side hustle where it belongs, on the side, until it has enough traction to support you. Today on the podcast, We go back into Jeff’s journey and unpack the curiosity, intuition, soul-searching, and grit to travel a winding road to his calling. There is no school or method to finding out who we are. Jeff drops some valuable tactical gems we can all use to find out way. Jeff’s curiosity lead him […]

Angela & Nico at the Castle Hotel & Spa

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When we think back on the summer of 2017, I have a feeling that we’ll always think of Angela & Nico… more specifically, we’ll think of this shoot. We don’t quite know what it was, but we fell in love with shooting these two. Every once in a while we run into a couple that reinvigorates us through their energy, their willingness and their self-assurance for doing things their way. This is Angela and Nico.

When they first told us they were having a Monday wedding, we were surprised. After getting to know them, it makes sense. These two could make any day of the week look good. Here’s some of our favorites from a rainy Monday at a castle outside of NYC.

Tips for Adding Metadata to Lightroom for Manual Lenses

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Tips for Adding Metadata to Lightroom for Manual Lenses

Manual lenses have a fraction of the weight, size, unsurpassed sharpness, and price in many instances over autofocus lenses. With all these benefits there would have to be some form of a con, and that is the issues that arise when adding metadata to your images.

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PHOTOS: Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough at Disneyland Park

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As we work through photos and video from our recent trip out to Disneyland, I wanted to put out a post on one of our favorite parts of Disneyland, the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough. Guests are able to take this 5-10 minute walkthrough throughout the day, and there is no need to queue. The walkthrough allows […]

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Amazing photos show ‘Tiny Wasteland’

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