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Creating Dramatic Black and White Images for Instagram

If you’ve ever been swiping through Instagram and noticed that certain black and white images had a particularly dramatic, vintage, or even sharp look to it, chances are there was a bit more going on than simply selecting a basic filter. In this in-de…

Planning on buying my first camera. Any opinions on a used D7000?

I’ve been into photography for a couple of years, using my SO’s D3200, and decided to buy one of my own. Rather than getting a new entry-level camera, given my budget of $500 I came down to the decision of buying a used semi-pro camera like the D7000. I found one with 47k shots on it.

What are some of your opinions on it? Should I do it? Is there something particularly faulty with this camera, like things known to break? I don’t want to spend that amount to have it break in a week.

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Photographer conduct during a concert

Last night, my wife and I went to a concert. I haven’t been to many, but this was for my favorite band (Marty Friedman; artist, technically, but it wasn’t just him). It was a small venue, and we were seated off to the side and back of the stage, maybe 10ft from me to the stage edge. In between the stage and audience was a row for the photographers to walk up and down to take pictures; it was on floor level, with the stage being maybe two feet higher. I think I saw four different ones.

Anyway, this one photographer, on a few occasions, would reach his hand directly up into the face of one of the performers, take 30 seconds worth of photos, then move off. Is that typical? It was super annoying. One of the openers noticed and kinda hammed it up, but the headliner was too into one of his solos when it happened to him (mind you, this guy was the lead guitarist for Megadeth for 11 years so he’s not some randome dude like the openers were). I would’ve been pissed if it was me. Seems super unprofessional. I get that the photog probably wanted some variation from having underside shots the whole time, but he did also climb the fence (and nearly got annihilated by a massive security guard for it before the guard realized he was one of the photogs) between the row and audience a few times for level shots.

I know a few of you here have some concert experience (pro or otherwise) so what are your thoughts?

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Night photography locations.

I’ve been looking for places to shoot at night but every park in my area is closed at Sundown.

The area I’m in is also very busy. The side of the road is dangerous and I’m not sure it’s even legal unless you have a flat/breakdown/have other issues.

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