how to pay yourself first (aka save like a boss)

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David Bach is a legend in the personal finance space — a master at helping creators and entrepreneurs make -and keep- more of the money we earn. He’s one of America’s best known financial gurus, having put nine consecutive books on the NYT best sellers list.  In short, when David Bach talks – and you’re a creator who wants to make money – you listen. We had David in the CL studios not long ago to share wisdom from his epic class Start Late, Finish Rich.  Some of this material was so fundamental for creators making a living and a life doing what they love that I felt was crucial to get it seen by as many people in our community as possible.  So much so that in addition to the class on CL, I wanted to share it here on the podcast, for free. So…in this episode, David covers so many things, among them the mindset around how to best get paid…AND how to pay yourself first (as in pre-tax and pre-debt collectors).  If this sounds curious already – it’s a must listen.  Think you got it all sorted and don’t need financial advice? Think again. This is helpful stuff […]

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