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    United Airlines ditches Boeing and orders 50 new planes from Airbus for transatlantic route expansion.

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    After 20 years, Palestinian mother and son reunited in Egypt

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    CAIRO (Reuters) - Palestinian journalist Amjad Yaghi was just nine years old when his mother left the Gaza Strip on what should have been a short trip to Egypt for medical treatment.

    Climate models have accurately predicted global heating, study finds | The findings confirm that since as early as 1970, climate scientists have had a solid fundamental understanding of the Earth’s climate system and the ability to project how it will respond to continued increases in emissions

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    France to open hate crime office after Jewish cemetery vandalized — The Interior Ministry said it will have a dedicated bureau for tackling hate crimes after more than 100 Jewish graves were desecrated. Anti-Semitic incidents rose some 74% from 2017 to 2018.

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    Trump meets with Erdogan as other world leaders scold Turkey

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