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I believe I found statistical evidence that MLB Baseball was deliberately giving certain teams dead balls/juiced balls for all their home games

Inspired by the recent news about two different baseballs being used in 2021, and a post made showing that balls at Yankee Stadium were traveling significantly less distance than at road games given similar EV and LA. I went and did the same analysis f…

John Oliver Says ‘Remember Chex Quest?”

Like many of us terminally online folks, John Oliver says “Silence, brand.” Unlike some of us, he also says “Go back to coding, brand.” Rather than meme their way out of late capitalism, Oliver wants all the snacks to … More »

Dexter: New Blood Recap: Occam’s Razor

We are now officially halfway through Dexter: New Blood, and Dexter Morgan/Jim Lindsay’s small-town hideout of Iron Lake, New York, is about to get dangerously smaller. The reemergence of a familiar name from his past, Lieutenant Angel Batista (David …

The wizards after tonight’s game

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Security Forces Gun Down 11 Civilians In Nagaland, India. Army Calls It ‘unfortunate’

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