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    Ask The Astrosexologist: “My Long-Distance Man Won’t Use Labels”

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Tamara Vlahovic

    I have been seeing this Sagittarius for a few months now. Things are going great and we are both really into each other. The only problem . . .

    10 Best Laptops for Engineering Students 2019 – Reviews

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Wendy Stokes

    Engineering students often choose to focus on studying a particular field, such as Computer science, Electrical, Mechanical, or Electronics. If you are an engineering student, you . . .

    Frisky Q&A: Adult Film Star Ryan Keely

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Dragana Stepic

    For all the sex positive writing that I do, I'd never actually talked with someone who worked in the adult entertainment industry for a living. Like a . . .

    Do Your Pets Have A Hard Time With Breakups?

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Tamara Vlahovic

    A friend of mine broke up with her live-in boyfriend last week, and while she's doing fine, her cat isn't. Ever since my friend's boyfriend moved . . .

    When People Are Most Likely To Break Up

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Tamara Vlahovic

    Since everyone knows a breakup isn't official ‘til it's on Facebook, David McCandless, a data journalist king, looked at over 10,000 Facebook status updates to see . . . The post When People Are Most Likely To Break Up appeared first on The Frisky.

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