Less Phone, More Human with Dan Schawbel

Let’s face it, despite being more digitally connected than ever before, we’re more isolated and lonely. The cure for this loneliness epidemic? Human connection. That’s why I am excited to have entrepreneur, best-selling author, and researcher, Dan Schawbel on the show. Throughout his career, he’s interviewed over 2,000 people from celebrities to CEOs to politicians and even two astronauts on the future of learning and working. He’s synthesized these conversations into tactical insights on how to make technology work for us (not control us) and foster a more socially connected, productive, and fulfilled career and life. In this episode: There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Dan shares his personal stories of rejection and failure with persistence and stamina. The dark side of remote working. While we glorify the flexibility and comfort from working outside the office, it also can contribute to isolation. Dan shares some strategies to combat this. We spend 1/3 of our lives working. Yet, so little of that time spent collaborating, negotiating, and communicating is spent face to face. Dan reminds us that simply having an in-person conversation is more effective than sending 30-40 emails. Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if you dig.  Please give […]

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Google’s New AI Can Score Photos on Technical and Aesthetic Quality

Google has introduced a new AI system that’s trained to rate photos on whether or not they are good technically and attractive aesthetically. It’s called NIMA, or Neural Image Assessment “Quantification of image quality and aesthetics has been a long-standing problem in image processing and computer vision,” the researchers write. While AI has traditionally been […]

Imatag Uses Invisible Watermarks to Protect Your Photos

Imatag is a new service that uses invisible watermarks to protect photographs from copyright infringement. With the development of AI technology that can easily remove physical watermarks, more covert solutions could be a solution for photographers looking to identify and prove ownership of copied images online. Once protected, Imatag will also track your photos on the […]

UK Police Have a Porn-Spotting AI That Gets Confused by Desert Photos

UK police are turning to high-tech artificial intelligence to help wage war against the scourge of child pornography, but the system currently has a tricky problem: the AI has a hard time telling the difference between nudity and photos of deserts. The Telegraph reports that the Metropolitan Police’s digital forensics department is deploying AI to […]

How to Run Nik Collection Standalone Without Photoshop or Lightroom

DxO recently announced that it has acquired the Nik Collection suite of popular photo tools after Google abandoned development in May. The Collection is still available as a free download and can be run as standalone programs independent of Photoshop and Lightroom. Here’s how. Because the old Nik Collection is no longer maintained, some users […]

How Portrait Mode Works and How It Compares to an $8,000 Camera

Dual cameras have become ubiquitous in the smartphone world, and with them has emerged a new technique for simulating a shallow depth of field — the feature commonly called ‘Portrait Mode’. This 10-minute video from Marques Brownlee explains how it works, and it also pits Portrait Mode on an iPhone X, Note 8, and Pixel […]

Samsung’s 512GB Chip Will Hold Years of Smartphone Photos

Samsung smartphone are about to get a lot more internal storage. Samsung has announced that it has begun mass production of a 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage solution that will appear in the next generation of smartphones from the South Korean giant. The 512GB chips will provide vast internal storage space and may spell the end of […]

A Mantis Shrimp-Inspired Camera That Sees Polarized Light

Researchers from the University of Illinois have managed to create a new camera called the Mantis Cam that can see polarized light. This technology provides possible solutions for everything from unlocking the mysteries of the underwater world to early cancer detection. The research was published in the journal Optica and takes its inspiration from the mantis shrimp, a […]

This AI Can Change Weather, Seasons, and Time of Day in Photos

Want to change winter to summer or day to night in a photo? In the future, that could be as easy as a single click. Scientists at NVIDIA are working on a mind-boggling AI system that can change things like seasons, time of day, and weather in photos. In a new paper titled “Unsupervised Image-to-Image […]

This is the ‘Select Subject’ Tool Coming to Photoshop CC

Adobe just revealed a powerful new tool that’s coming soon to Photoshop CC. Called “Select Subject,” it uses machine learning to detect subjects in your photos to help you isolate them from the backgrounds. These days, making a selection of a subject in a photo is usually done with tools such as Quick Selection, Magic […]

Man Finds DJI Customer Data Exposed, Gets Threat and Rejects $30K Bounty

Security researcher Kevin Finisterre recently found a flaw that exposed private customer data of the Chinese drone company DJI to the public. After reporting the bug to DJI’s bug bounty program, Finisterre received pushback and a legal threat. So instead of collecting his $30,000 bounty, Finisterre is now going public with his findings (and experience). […]

This AI Creates Photo-Realistic Faces of People Who Don’t Exist

Instead of searching for the ideal model for a photo shoot, photographers of the future may be able to generate one using artificial intelligence. Neural networks these days can generate portraits of imaginary people. NVIDIA recently published a paper titled “Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation.” GAN stands for “generative adversarial […]

Olympus Unveils Smart Glasses with a 2.4-Megapixel Camera

Olympus today unveiled a new camera — one that’s unlike any of the company’s modern digital cameras. The 2.4-megapixel camera is found in the new Olympus EyeTrek Insight EI-10 smart glasses. Designed for “business applications,” the EI-10 glasses allows users to see the built-in display without blocking vision. The concept is the same as the […]

LiShield is a Smart LED Bulb Prevents Photos by Confusing Cameras

LiShield is a new LED light bulb technology that helps protect privacy by confusing cameras to prevent unauthorized photos. The bulb is the creation of a team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego. LiShield works on any digital camera that uses a rolling shutter and protects a physical scene from photography by […]

Pika is Smartphone Bot That Helps Kids Explore the World with a Camera

Pika is a new bot friend that “explores the world” with children through the use of a smartphone camera. The concept combines the camera with computer vision and augmented reality. Pika “learns” through a series of games that allow children to teach it various skills. For example, Pika might ask a child to teach it […]

Photo Enhancement is Starting to Get Crazy

As the worlds of artificial intelligence and digital photography collide, we’re starting to see some mind-blowing technology emerge. The latest research in turning low-resolution photos into high-definition photos may drop your jaws — it’s starting to cross into the realm of sci-fi. What you see above isn’t a mockup of what these enhancement technologies may […]

This Website Uses AI to Enhance Low-Res Photos, CSI-Style

Let’s Enhance is a new free website that uses neural networks to upscale your photos in a way Photoshop can’t. It magically boosts and enhances your photo resolution like something straight out of CSI. The service is designed to be minimalist and extremely easy to use. The homepage invites you to drag and drop a […]

Apple Acquires Camera Sensor Startup Behind QuantumFilm: Report

Apple has quietly acquired Invisage, the camera sensor startup company behind QuantumFilm, according to a new report. Image Sensors World reports that Apple closed a deal to acquire InVisage back in July 2017, and that some of the employees of InVisage have joined Apple while others were let go. We first covered InVisage back in […]

Apple Acquires Camera Sensor Startup Behind QuantumFilm: Report

Apple has quietly acquired Invisage, the camera sensor startup company behind QuantumFilm, according to a new report. Image Sensors World reports that Apple closed a deal to acquire InVisage back in July 2017, and that some of the employees of InVisage have joined Apple while others were let go. We first covered InVisage back in […]

This Neural Network Enhances Phone Photos to ‘DSLR-Quality’

Want to turn your smartphone snapshots into DSLR-quality photos? A group of scientists in Switzerland is trying to help make that possible. They’ve created a neural network that aims to automatically enhance low-quality phone snapshots into “DSLR-quality photos.” The research group at ETH Zurich detailed their new artificial intelligence photo enhancer in a paper titled […]

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