Find Your Calling In Career And Life with Chris Guillebeau

Today on the podcast we’re answering one of the most popular questions I receive: “how do I find my passion”. Yeah, not an easy one. Super tough! And if you’ve struggled with this or are struggling right now, this episode will help you find your way. I…

The Secret to Success No One Talks About

You’re stuck. You’ve plateaued. You’re making great work but nobody is seeing it and you’re asking yourself “how do I get noticed?” How did the blowout successes of YouTube and Instagram get to their million+ followers? The answer: they created communi…

On ‘Making It’ as a Photographer, or: What if Your House Burned Down?

What if your house burned down? Have you still “made it” as a photographer? 3 weeks ago I was sitting, much as I do now, winding down on a Saturday evening, finding some time to write a newsletter and blog post. I had just released an image shot for Kohler, a company whose advertising I […]

The Hit List: 13 Things Crucial For Your Success [In Any Field]

Success is each to his or her own, but let’s call it like we see it: when you survey the landscape of your creative world, your industry, your career or hobby–whatever field you’re in– there are several fundamentals to achieving success, regardless of the measure. There are commonalities that are undeniable. So here’s a list of thirteen such things that you should be doing right now – let’s call it your hit list: 1. Get shit done. Over-thinking, pontificating, and wondering are tools for the slacker. People don’t care what almost happened, or what your problems are or why something wasn’t. They care about what is, and what will be. That requires actually making stuff happen. Pros do, make, ship, send, publish, post and deliver; amateurs sit around and wonder, or worse, scratch their arse. 2. Educate yourself. Think someone else is responsible for your education? Think again. And don’t fool yourself that being in school, in class, or in the seminar actually equals education. Education is incredibly active and it should be self directed in some capacity. Seek information. Knock down walls to get it. 3. Make your own rules. There are a million paths to get to any […]

Say NO unless a project has at least 2 of these 3 things…

For most creatives, the biggest challenge isn’t doing the work, it’s getting the work. Few of us are natural marketers or adroit at selling our vision, so many creatives live in a state of constant anxiety about where the next project (and paycheck) is going to come from. Because of that, it’s tempting to jump on any project that comes your way, especially if you’re — as I was at the beginning of my career — barely stretching the money you get from one gig to the next. But instead of thinking solely about where next month’s rent is coming from, I want you to think of your career as a path, and each potential project has one of 3 potential outcomes: (1) it can move you forward; (2) it can move you backwards; or (3) it can simply keep you stuck in the same place – treading water. With that in mind, it’s not just important that you are deliberate and strategic about the work you choose to do– it’s absolutely critical to realize that the work you chose NOT to do is just as important as the work you do take on. My own framework for evaluating a project […]