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Diversifying Creativity with TONL

By working to highlight a diverse set of narratives from under represented populations, Joshua Kissi and Karen Okonkwo — two of Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30 — are addressing a huge gap in the creative market.   Karen was at Arizona State University when she decided to start a blog for sorority women. It gained immediate attention. Yet, when a friend asked why there wasn’t any African Americans showcased on the site, she was defensive. As an African American herself, she thought – of course we do! But as she pulled out her phone and started scrolling through the site, she realized her friend was right. She had fallen into the subconsciously biased, racially one-sided trap. Desperately focused on change, she began to showcase all types of women of color, sexual orientation, and under represented groups on her site. But she had a sense she was not doing enough.   This work caught the attention of  the Ghanian-American fashion, lifestyle, and brand photographer Joshua Kissi, and together they co-created TONL a photography and media agency focused on creating images of diverse people and sharing their stories with the world.  Enjoy this inspirational, heartfelt and meaningful story of self reflection, discovery, creativity, and action, as […]

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How to Shoot Stock Photography for Travel

When people think of stock photography, I think they often jump to visions of people in business suits in an office. Or, really tacky shots of family on a solid white background.  But, the reality is that there are a lot of ways to shoot stock photogra…

Jealousy is the Enemy of Self-Worth

There are two things that I love sharing more than anything else. Margaritas and answers to your creative questions. I couldn’t figure out how to get margaritas into your ears this week, but we’ve got some fantastic questions from The Daily Creative (m…

ImageBrief – The New Way To License Photos

As some of you may know, I spent a good part of my career shooting commercial lifestyle stock images for stock agencies (or whatever they like to call themselves now) such as Picture Arts, JupiterImages, and Corbis. With the advent of the microstock agencies that basically started the race to see who could charge the least […]

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