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2018 Black Friday Deals for Photographers

We at Fstoppers do our best to keep the photography community informed of noteworthy holiday deals. Since Black Friday week is here, we wanted to let you know about some deals we’ve heard of from various photography and video companies. Some of these…

The New Interface for ON1 Photo Raw 2019 Is Amazing

One of the things I have always loved about ON1 Photo RAW is its ability to do everything I needed within a single program. From a photo browser to a raw editor and then even working with layers. But their recent interface update has made things bett…

Huge Black Friday Sale at SLR Lounge!

Our friends at SLR Lounge have announced a Black Friday sale for 30% off of their education and resources. If you’re unfamiliar, Pye Jirsa and his team create some of the best photography education outside of Fstoppers, with complete and comprehensiv…

How to Make the Jump From Amateur to Professional Photographer

Making the jump from amateur to professional photographer can be both an exciting and scary thing, and it’s important to know how to do everything correctly. Make sure you do all these things before you open for business.
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Picfair Changes the Game: A Free Photography Store and a Marketplace… At the Same Time

Selling your images online can be seriously complicated. You can try to submit images to some of the larger stock image marketplaces, but getting approved is tough. Even if you do get some of your images through, the marketplaces will take up to 85% …

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