Say Yes, Figure It Out Later. Starting from the Start with Tyler Babin

“It’s impossible to move forward while staying the same”. That’s what motivated Tyler Babin, a 25 year old up & coming filmmaker, who hustled his way into his dream job only to leave it to pursue the riskier thing, an even bigger bet – on himself. I’ve had literally hundreds of requests over the years to have someone on the show who isn’t Richard Branson or Brene Brown or {fill in the blank star}…ie. host someone who hasn’t “made it big” and is, instead, on the come-up themselves…someone from within our very own community who has been listening for years, connecting dots, gleaning knowledge and is now taking major action on that.  Well THIS is Tyler’s story. If you’ve  followed my pal Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s likely you’ve actually seen some of Tyler’s work. For the last 3-4 years, he’s been a whirlwind tour traveling the world with Gary, shooting photo + video, creative directing projects at Vayner… and it all started right here on this show nearly 8 years ago.  This episode goes full circle, friends. Also – instead of the usual studio conversation, Tyler and I recorded the show while grabbing a burger & margarita just around the corner […]

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Nate Bargatze: Creativity, Comedy + Never Settling

Today on the show we have one of my favorite comedians, Nate Bargatze. If you’re not aware of Nate’s work, consider this intro a gift – he’s on a rocket ship right now, one of the top up-and-coming comics in the game. After listening to our conversation here, you’ll want to check out his brand new NetFlix special that just dropped. He’s laugh-out-loud funny and simultaneously has great insight around following dreams and creating success rather than hoping it “happens.”  In our conversation we talk about his early life – how he found and decided to pursue his passion in the face of challenging odds (how many people become a standup comedian?), his earliest experiences of storytelling, and what it was like to have a father who is a magician and a clown. (It’s hilarious.) In this episode we cover a LOT… The difficulty of consistently creating good work and why consistency matters most The benefits of staying uncomfortable… The importance of life-long learning and community – to every creator.  Must haves. The power of saying ‘yes.’ The psychology of persistence and success – how to keep going when everyone else doesn’t see your dream. …and lots more Enjoy and […]

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Personal + Career Reinvention with Jasmine Star

Can you believe this show has been running for 10 YEARS! Today’s guest was one of my earliest guests, and long time friend, Jasmine Star. Jasmine is a photographer, business strategist and founder of Social Curator. If you’re an OG listener, you’ll hear some behind the scenes stories of some our collaborations, including the internet’s first ever LIVE wedding (where Jasmine taught CreativeLive’s first wedding photo class – attended by 150,000 students!) More important than reminiscing, though, we go deep on finding your voice, adopting children, homemade tortillas, dropping out and reinventing yourself in an entirely new career. Jasmine’s journey is one that many creatives can identify with, from facing difficult times, how she found her feet and her personal process of transitioning from one career to another. She articulates how to make that transition and gives us very practical advice that will add heaps of value to you. We also talk about … instagram strategy – she’s a master – and you should know all about her business socialcurator.com Mentors, leaders, and inspirations the evolution of a career, how to transition from being known / building a community as a one thing (like a wedding photographer) and re-shaping that […]

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Stay Creative, Focused, and True to Yourself with Austin Kleon

He is one of the most insightful voices on one of my favorite topics: building and maintaining a creativity habit. Today on the show please welcome my long-time friend and creative inspirator – Austin Kleon. If you’re not familiar with this work, Austin is a lifelong artist and the bestselling author of three earlier books (Newspaper Blackout, Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work)…but today we’re all about his new book titled Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad. And BONUS – this episode is an extra special treat because Austin came out to Seattle and we chatted in front of a live audience! Some great questions, a few good laughs, and it all takes place in a huge church! Want to avoid burn-out and stay creative in good times and bad? This’ll be a great listen. We also cover… Maintaining creative momentum Austin’s personal daily practice Kids and creativity Getting unstuck The value of time as a great editor for your work And…the value of ‘going away so you can come back.’ Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if you dig.  Please give Austin a shout on social @AustinKleon 😉 FOLLOW AUSTIN: […]

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You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Live Rich with David Bach

It’s easy to look as those who are seemingly wealthy and think — oh, that’s so unachievable. They’re standing on a mountaintop somewhere, waving that “I’m rich” flag. Not so fast. David Bach thinks you can wave that flag too – while earning “enough,”  but a lot less than you think. David Bach is a 9-time New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s favorite financial experts of our time. He has taught millions to live a rich life through his seminars, live events, courses, books—and Oprah appearances. And in his new book: The Latte Factor he uncovers what he says is the best kept secret to building long term wealth – yes $5 at a time.  And there’s some pretty handy life lessons that go along with this idea as well. More than anything – what David does so well is articulate how to be intentional about both your dreams and your financial future. Both just take time and consistency. We dive deep into: David’s rarely-discussed early life, including lessons in finance –and life– that he learned as a 7 year old from his grandmother. How to listen to your intuition and follow the path that leads toward […]

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Stop Planning. Start Doing. And here’s how.

Here’s an important reminder:  you’ll never feel ready to start.  But you’ve got to do it anyway. And the operative word there is “do.” Just start. This episode is the kick in the ass you need.  Too often we get bogged down in the dreaming, the research, and the preparing – without the DOING.  Feel me on this?  It’s a common excuse that most of use…that we just need a little more planning…  Wrong. This is not to say that planning isn’t necessary, just that it shouldn’t be the crutch that prevents you from executing.  And for most it is. Let’s change that. If you’ve ever felt stuck – or heck – you’re feeling stuck now, this episode is for you.  We talk about the right balance between the planning and executing in a way that will get the results you want. Take a quick listen, and then get back to work. 🙂 Enjoy! Listen to the Podcast   Watch the Episode This podcast is brought to you by CreativeLive. CreativeLive is the world’s largest hub for online creative education in photo/video, art/design, music/audio, craft/maker, money/life and the ability to make a living in any of those disciplines. They are high quality, highly curated […]

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The Future Favors Creativity. Debbie Millman Interviews Chase Jarvis on Design Matters

Today I’m sitting down with one of my favorite humans, but in a twist of fate, the tables are turned. I’m in the hot seat – being interviewed by my dear friend and design-industry legend, Debbie Millman. Debbie Millman is chair of the Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC…and she has an insane track record going back decades: she’s the author of 6 books including “How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer,” and a prolific design writer in outlets like NYT, Fast Company, and Design Observer.  She also hosts the longest-running design podcast called Design Matters with over 300 interviews over the last 10 years. In this conversation Debbie really digs into my personal past – and asks me questions I’ve never had in any public interview. Her detailed research and talent for pulling tidbits out of my past covered ground about my deep-seated beliefs on the future of photography, creativity, my love for crows, and my biggest professional failures to date. Hope you enjoy it. Please give Debbie a shoutout on social she’s just @debbiemillman … and be sure to check out Design Matters podcast. Enjoy! FOLLOW DEBBIE: twitter | website Listen to […]

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Harnessing Your Human Nature for Success with Robert Greene

Today we welcome back on the show the 6x international bestselling author, Robert Greene.  Robert has had huge impact in my life with books like Mastery, 48 Laws of Power, and the 33 Strategies of War. And in this episode we go deep on his newest book – and my new favorite – The Laws of Human Nature, a brilliant consolidation of the various theories on human nature – how to better understand them and use them to grow. We dive deep into: You are a lot weirder than you think you are. WE ALL ARE in fact. We’re repressing so many sides of who we are – most often without even knowing it. We’re trying to stand out.  We’re trying to fit in. The stuff we repress and try to hide are like a stranger within us.  Knowing all this – and how to navigate it – gives us personal power. It it possible to harness our “dark side” for increased creativity, wisdom, strength and character? Robert argues that, not only is it something worth tapping into, it’s THE source of power missing in your life. Robert’s recent near-death experience has given him a profound sense of gratitude, how it has compelled […]

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Don’t Let Fear Decide Your Future with Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey is an Australian entrepreneur and TV personality. Her no-nonsense approach and savvy business mind inspires us to take charge of our lives, and – most importantly – make the tough decisions required for us to live the lives we were meant to live. I recently took a class from Tabatha called How to be Bold, Resilient & Better Than Ever and I was very impressed. So impressed that I managed to share some of my favorite parts of the class here with you. In this episode, Tabatha delivers some great, hard-hitting truths around fear, heart, and mindset. We also cover: How so many of the stories we tall ourselves are exactly what’s  holding us back. Tabatha helps us recognize those stories. Fear is a lot of things. Of course it’s stress and worry, but it can also be a barometer for action. How our stories become a self-fulfilling prophecy. How to flip the fear script and build better resiliency against our unhealthy thoughts This is a phenomenal episode I hope you’ll love. [And – small tip- If any of this resonates, the full class is avail on CreativeLive.com  – How to be Bold, Resilient & Better Than Ever] Enjoy […]

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Addiction, Reinvention, and Finding Ultra with Endurance Athlete Rich Roll

Rich Roll is a New York Times best selling author, endurance athlete, parent and beautiful human being. He first came across my radar a few years ago when he completed FIVE Iron Mans in five consecutive days. That’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, finished off with a marathon in one day — TIMES 5 DAYS!! On the show, we dive into reinvention, overcoming addiction and depression, explore plant based diets, and his spiritual calling… We also cover: After a decade of living what he though the “American dream of success” was, he found himself miserable and in a career that he pursued because he thought that’s what we should do. He shares his journey OUT OF THE MESS… and advice for pursuing what our hearts tell us. We cover parenting and helping to develop agency in our kids and future generations – to leave the planet better off than we found it. And, how embracing our weakness, our struggles, and our pain in life – just might be our strongest ally in living the life we were meant to live… This episode is a whopper.  Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if you dig.  Please give Rich […]

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Diversifying Creativity with TONL

By working to highlight a diverse set of narratives from under represented populations, Joshua Kissi and Karen Okonkwo — two of Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30 — are addressing a huge gap in the creative market.   Karen was at Arizona State University when she decided to start a blog for sorority women. It gained immediate attention. Yet, when a friend asked why there wasn’t any African Americans showcased on the site, she was defensive. As an African American herself, she thought – of course we do! But as she pulled out her phone and started scrolling through the site, she realized her friend was right. She had fallen into the subconsciously biased, racially one-sided trap. Desperately focused on change, she began to showcase all types of women of color, sexual orientation, and under represented groups on her site. But she had a sense she was not doing enough.   This work caught the attention of  the Ghanian-American fashion, lifestyle, and brand photographer Joshua Kissi, and together they co-created TONL a photography and media agency focused on creating images of diverse people and sharing their stories with the world.  Enjoy this inspirational, heartfelt and meaningful story of self reflection, discovery, creativity, and action, as […]

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Disruption, Reinvention, and Reimagining Silicon Valley with Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton built a venture capital fund from the ground up, while homeless and living off of food stamps.  Now she’s on the cover of Fast Company Magazine – and she has invested millions in startups run by people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. Through pursuing her curiosity and passion,  Arlan’s found a way to create a living and a life for herself and work on a really tough problem: reconfiguring the ways that money and funding flow through these underrepresented and underserved populations. In this episode we also cover: Persistence forever pays. No matter how many no’s Arlan received, she shares the driving force behind her determination. We are all privileged in some way. Arlan has a beautiful perspective in how we can all share in that privilege without diminishing our own. We can all give ourselves strength and support by surrounding yourself  people who are positive and motivational – even if that’s virtually through the internet. We discuss some of Arlan’s routines and her particularly interesting habit of writing her own future headlines. and lots more…. Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if you dig.  Please give Arlan a shout on social @arlanwashere 😉 FOLLOW […]

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Rainn Wilson on Creativity, Faith and Making Work that Matters

Rainn Wilson is best known for his legendary role as Dwight in TV’s award-winning show “The Office,” but he’s also a movie actor, a best selling author, the founder of media company SoulPancake, founder a non profit called Lidé Haiti, an amazing human….and a self-professed sci-fi and fantasy nerd! In this episode Rainn takes us on journey through his early life and into his ideas on art and creativity, hard work, parenting and spirituality. We spend some quality time around the lessons he learned trying to make it as an actor and the difficult years that preceded his breakthrough. And we also go deep into what inspires his work away from acting – his family, SoulPancake, and why he founded Lidé Haiti, a non-profit organization helping young women in Haiti via the power of creativity. A few more hot topics: Rainn never earned more than $20,000 acting in the first 9 years of his career. His advice? Keep cost of living low, do side jobs, and …. tune in to check it out ;). We examine Rainn’s personal challenges parenting from a place of privilege while simultaneously aiming to foster hard work, motivation, and drive. Rainn shares his spiritual journey, […]

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Reset Your Money Mindset with Tonya Rapley

Mindset is everything. And today on the podcast, I wanted to share a strong point of view on MONEY – something that’s a struggle for most creators and entrepreneurs. Enter: Tonya Rapley!  Tonya is the author of The Money Manual: A Practical Guide To Help You Succeed on Your Financial Journey. She’s been called the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine, and one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Women in Personal Finance.”.  She’s also the founder of the award-winning site, My Fab Finance which is core to her mission is to help younger generations own their personal power and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck In this episode we cover: What is a healthy money mindset? The power of words on our psyche – whether they are negative or positive. How to grow awareness around that negative self talk that might be working against us and how to change it Developing rituals that help keep you on track – financially and psychologically Daily tactics on seeing abundance instead of limitations Let’s end those classic creator + money mindsets we hear like “starving artist” or “why don’t get a real job” or “that’s nice but you need something to fall […]

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Your Mind Can Transform Your Life with Tom Bilyeu

Today’s podcast is a hero’s journey of sorts – featuring Tom Bilyeu, founder the billion-dollar nutrition brand Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory podcast and content agency. This episode takes us over the hills and through valleys of Tom’s career – from hiding in soul crushing jobs and destroying his health with crushing anxiety to personal transformation and meteoric entrepreneurial rise. We chat about neuroplasticity and how Tom has rewired his brain, undoing negative thought patterns and replacing them with healthy, positive loops. Tom oozes honesty and passion -sure to resonate in your own pursuit of your highest self. In this episode: Passion isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something you need to discover, cultivate and nurture over time. We get Tom’s secrets for approaching this. Humans are insanely good at adapting to their environment – not just physically but mentally. Just by thinking differently you can rewire your brain. Tom drops some strategies to help you shape your next chapter Cold cold water therapy – one of my favorite things. Tom shares his experience of exploring this himself, and we geek out about what we’ve both learned so far and plenty more… Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if […]

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Do Something Different with Jason Mesnick

After a difficult divorce, Jason Mesnick wanted to rediscover himself, rekindle his sense of adventure, and try something new. That was his mantra. And it sparked an unexpected journey that pushed him into the leading role in the 13th season of The Bachelor. Though he presents himself as a “normal guy” he clearly has lived an extraordinary reality tv experience that so few of us have (and of course we talk about this in depth, how unusual it really was) — but also how in many ways it’s a journey that parallels ours…building a living and a life around the things we love. Jason is a sage when it comes to coaching us to our follow inner instincts, focus on what matters, and take chances to expand our lives in unexpected ways. I’m pretty sure this interview is a side of a reality TV star that few people have ever experienced. In this episode we also: Dig into the very unique world that is The Bachelor TV show. As someone who admittedly doesn’t watch the show (but I’m married to someone who does!) it was a fascinating and at some times head scratching experience receiving very honest account from someone […]

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Creative Cockroaches, Standing Out + the Truth About Your Best Creative Work

A short while ago I had the great pleasure of taking the stage at the Seattle Interactive Conference with my dear friend and creative superstar Cal Mcallister (Founder, Wexley School for Girls + Paper Crane Factory) for a very pointed conversation on inspiration, unlocking your best creative work, and how the eff to stand out in today’s noisy, crowded market.  Hint:  it’s not what you think. IMHO this conversation oozes with value specifically because both Cal and I are:   a) lifelong professional creators who care deeply about making this easier for people who want to be more creative; b) we both took very non-traditional paths to find our respective successes – so that path YOU’RE on won’t seem all that strange; and c) are both are transparent AF about exactly how we’d approach it today if we were doing it all over again… Oh, and the audience / Q&A is always a favorite of mine at any public appearance –because so often we’re all struggling with the same things. A sample of other topics we cover…. Why “the middle” (aka where everybody ends up gravitating because they listen to “advice” and “best practices”) is the WORST place you can […]

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Tunnel Vision is the Death of Creativity with Ami Vitale

After more than a decade covering conflict, photographer and filmmaker Ami Vitale couldn’t help but notice that the less sensational—but equally true—stories were often not getting told: the wedding happening around the corner from the revolution, triumphs amidst seemingly endless devastation. As a result, she re-committed herself to seeking out the stories within and around “the story”. Ami is a photographer with National Geographic magazine, yet this episode of the podcast isn’t expressly about photography. It’s about human connection, how we listen to our inner compass and surface work that helps us find our true direction in life. You’ll also be inspired to know that: The stories we find in the headlines are only one view of the world. Yet if we just lift our head and gain a new perspective, we might see a completely different and untold story. Patience, hard work, and commitment open doors and opportunities. Real relationships with people or places takes time to build but with it comes powerful stories. What we tell ourselves shape our reality – and we can choose to tell ourselves stories that lift us. You’ll hear Ami articulate how she does this and how you can too… We are more […]

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Less Phone, More Human with Dan Schawbel

Let’s face it, despite being more digitally connected than ever before, we’re more isolated and lonely. The cure for this loneliness epidemic? Human connection. That’s why I am excited to have entrepreneur, best-selling author, and researcher, Dan Schawbel on the show. Throughout his career, he’s interviewed over 2,000 people from celebrities to CEOs to politicians and even two astronauts on the future of learning and working. He’s synthesized these conversations into tactical insights on how to make technology work for us (not control us) and foster a more socially connected, productive, and fulfilled career and life. In this episode: There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Dan shares his personal stories of rejection and failure with persistence and stamina. The dark side of remote working. While we glorify the flexibility and comfort from working outside the office, it also can contribute to isolation. Dan shares some strategies to combat this. We spend 1/3 of our lives working. Yet, so little of that time spent collaborating, negotiating, and communicating is spent face to face. Dan reminds us that simply having an in-person conversation is more effective than sending 30-40 emails. Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if you dig.  Please give […]

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Startup to $15 Billion: Finding Your Life’s Work with Shopify’s Harley Finkelstein

Harley Finkelstein bounced from DJ gigs to a t-shirt business to law school before joining a small internet startup in 2009 dedicated to helping creators and entrepreneurs make money doing what they loved. Today, he’s the Chief Operating Officer of that same “startup” called Shopify now serving more than 600,000 businesses – and worth more than $15 billion. In this episode we cover a lot of ground – from his early gigs, through struggle, failure, rejection and rebirth…and now thriving. I’ve had the good fortune to know Harley for nearly a decade now and his personal journey is both an inspiration and a play book of sorts for anyone who wants to tap into their life’s work – and what to do when you catch the ride of your dreams. You’ll also be inspired to know that: Building and creating may feel like a lonely process, but you’re not alone. Harley shares his time tested strategies to get through the tough times and find inspiration to keep going. It’s an exciting time for retailers. No longer do you need to get your product into a big box store. You can use the power of the internet and social media to reach your […]

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