A mandala is a circular pattern that in spiritual usage—principally in Hinduism and Buddhism—represents the universe. More secularly (but still with a soupçon of spirituality), the pattern of a mandala is circular and symmetrical, with repeating access points into the center of the … Continue reading

Klamath Bar

In the darkness before dawn we drove to the Klamath overlook, and brought out the cameras and tripods as the first light was hitting fog banks over the Klamath sandbar—a beautiful time to be in a beautiful place! Klamath Bar © Harold … Continue reading

Bridge of Light

Along the Oregon coast, hard by Heceta Head Lighthouse, we paused to photograph Cave Creek Bride, lit by crepuscular rays in the morning mist. Too often in this life we see the darkness, not the light. But just as often around the corner there is a bridge built of light—to take one ahead as a … Continue reading