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    Dan Levy Sets The Record Straight After Fan Claims His Dad Eugene Levy Died!

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    False alarm Johnny Rose fans! Earlier this week, a Schitt's Creek lover accidentally sent people into a tizzy after falsely mourning the death of actor Eugene Levy on Twitter. The person wrote in a since-deleted tweet: "Eugene Levy was such a gift. It's so sad to watch knowing he is no longer here." Related: Dan Levy Explains Origins Of Sweet Saturday Night Live Host Tradition As we mentioned before, do not worry as the claim is false. The 74-year-old father's son Dan Levy reacted to the post on Friday, saying: News to me. - dan levy (@danjlevy) May 8, 2021 Thankfully, it was all . . .

    Mac Miller’s Family Is PISSED OFF At ‘Exploitative’ Biography About The Late Rapper

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    Mac Miller's family refuses to support a new biography about the later rapper, who passed away in 2018 of an accidental drug overdose at 26. On Friday, the artist's momma, Karen Meyers, slammed an upcoming book by writer Paul Cantor, titled Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life of Mac Miller. In the Instagram post, the family member made it clear that the work was "not authorized or endorsed by Malcolm's family and has been written by a writer with whom Malcolm did not have a relationship." She went on to claim the author "had no meaningful access to those that were closest to . . .

    Barack & Michelle Obama Mourn The Death Of Their Beloved Dog & ‘Loyal Companion’ Bo

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    The Obama fam are mourning the loss of their dog, Bo. On Saturday, Michelle Obama took to Instagram to reveal the heartbreaking news that their pup had passed away after battling cancer. The former First Lady wrote: "This afternoon was a difficult one for our family. We said goodbye to our best friend - our dog, Bo - after a battle with cancer. On the campaign trail in 2008, we promised our daughters that we would get a puppy after the election. At the time, Bo was supposed to be a companion for the girls. We had no idea how much he would mean to all of us." Related: YouTuber Nikki . . .

    Mariah Carey Shades Rapper Who Sampled Her Song Shake It Off For A Viral Video

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    Mariah Carey may or may not be too happy right now! A Baltimore rapper named YTK dropped a song called Let It Off on Friday, and it quickly went viral after people recognized the song sampled the 51-year-old singer's hit 2005 single Shake It Off. Following the release, an A&R consultant with the social media handle, @rnbtommy, shared a clip of the accompanying music video and commented: "Mariah Carey has 24 hours to respond." Related: Mariah Carey Belts Famous High Note While Getting COVID Vaccine! It turns out the song caught Carey's attention, and she took to Twitter to share her . . .

    LaKeith Stanfield Faces Backlash After Moderating A Clubhouse Chat Room Filled With Anti-Semitic Comments

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    LaKeith Stanfield is in hot water after participating in a Clubhouse conversation that featured anti-Semitic comments. Earlier this week, the 29-year-old actor moderated a chat room on the social network, in which bigoted and horrific remarks were made against Jewish people, according to The Daily Beast. The outlet reported that some participants had shared conspiracy theories about the community running slave trades, attempted to justify Louis Farrakhan's hate speech comparing Jews to termites, and even praised Adolf Hitler. Just all around absolutely disgusting talk. Related: Oprah Winfrey . . .

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