Find Your Calling In Career And Life with Chris Guillebeau

Today on the podcast we’re answering one of the most popular questions I receive: “how do I find my passion”. Yeah, not an easy one. Super tough! And if you’ve struggled with this or are struggling right now, this episode will help you find your way. I…

Richard Branson: Lessons in Business and Life

If there’s anyone qualified to lay out the blueprint for dreaming big, living life on your own terms and turning your passions into your career, it’s the iconic Sir Richard Branson. He’s fearlessly and boldly disrupted one industry after another as the…

The Beauty of Car Photography: A Look Through the Eyes of Easton Chang

Meet Easton Chang, an internationally recognized car photographer. In this 5-minute profile by SmugMug Films, get a glimpse into how Chang captures incredibly unique images of performance cars. Chang shoots using all sorts of different techniques for his cars: panning, tracking, and aerial action shots. “Cars are much more than an inanimate object,” says Chang. […]

Dying Photographer Gets His Wish of Visiting a Leica Store

A 69-year-old photographer dying from a terminal lung disease recently got his wish of visiting a newly opened Leica Store. The Straits Times reports that after freelance photographer Alan Lee read about the new store in the 5-star Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, visiting it became the #1 item on his bucket list. Lee suffers from […]

Passion – A selection of images from our #ThursdayTheme

    Last week we wanted to know what your passion was and it was lovely looking through such an array of diverse images – “Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire that lights your way.”   Our #FridayFoto was captured by Ferenc Fapál Jr.     Here’s what Julie had to say about Ferenc’s…

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