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    Marie Kondo travels with her own crystals and golf pencils

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Alex Heigl

    Kondo decorates her workspaces with crystals, writes with a golf pencil and will switch from earthenware to glass teapots depending on her mental state.

    Hilary Duff adds two ‘bright’ and ‘sassy’ new tattoos to her arm

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Melissa Minton

    Duff is low-key covered in tattoos.

    What the cast of ‘Home Alone’ looks like today

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Spencer Bergen

    Perhaps a few familiar faces will be featured in the reboot.

    Bravo unveils more details for BravoCon 2019 event

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Jaclyn Hendricks

    Money can't buy you class, but it can get you a ticket to Bravo's first-ever BravoCon.

    North West borrows mom Kim Kardashian’s $35K Dior bag

    Gossip Bucket RSS Feed Emily Kirkpatrick

    The 6-year-old already has expensive taste.

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