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Should Winter Photographers Explore Iceland by Campervan?

What’s the best way to explore Iceland as a landscape photographer? Many photographers swear by camper vans: you can drive up to the best location, scout it during midday, then stay overnight to shoot until sunrise.
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Five Steps to Photography Greatness

A chilly September morning. The crispness in the air added weight to the solemn moment. My composition was all figured out. I patiently waited for the final elements to come into place.
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3 Quick and Inexpensive Ways To Control Ambient Light For Your Portraits

It doesn’t always take expensive equipment to make big changes to the mood of a shot. Here are a couple ways I found to improve my portraits with a tool I didn’t so much buy as I found laying in the trash.
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Creating Fog for Your Photos in a Pinch

You’re shooting the landscape, a dense forest rife with fantasy vibes perhaps, but there just isn’t the fog you wish there was to complete the scene. Well this video has you covered and can help you get that little extra atmosphere in a pinch.
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New to Portraits? Four Quick and Easy Locations on Your Doorstep

It’s easy to assume that the best portrait locations are tricky to find and awkward to get to, but this short video shows you that some of the best spots might be just around the corner.
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