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The Art of Entrepreneurs /w Lewis Howes on School of Greatness

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Today on the podcast, the tables are turned. I’m in the hot seat on my pal Lewis Howes’ podcast, The School of Greatness. I’m sure you are familiar with Lewis – he’s an entrepreneur, high performance business coach, keynote speaker, and author of the best selling book The School of Greatness. In this episode, we discuss: The people who wrote the rules were no smarter than you. We talk about confidence to go against the grain, breaking rules and writing your own script. I share a few of my favorite techniques for getting over creative blocks. How to visualize and set intentions as part of your daily routine. Building things with the end in mind will get you clearer on your goals and help you achieve them faster. Success is often directly proportional to hard work. FOLLOW LEWIS: website | twitter | facebook Listen to the Podcast Subscribe   Some Questions I’m Asked: Who is the most influential person from your childhood and what did you learn from them? [4:40] Which of your parents was more influential? [6:18] What were the biggest fears of yours growing up? [8:50] What were your biggest insecurities growing up? [10:50] Do you have any […]

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