Love, Service, and Living Your Truth with Danielle LaPorte

Let’s face it. We all have our inner journeys and the compulsion to improve, yet how can we both be growing and improving without feeling less than or inadequate?  It’s a trap. ENTER: Danielle LaPorte – a best-selling author (White Hot Truth, The…

Happiness Through Gratitude with AJ Jacobs

AJ Jacobs is a multiple NYT bestselling author, a journalist, a lecturer as well as a warm and hilarious human soul.  He’s on this weeks podcast and is…SO GOOD. In this show we learn why AJ intentionally puts himself in the most extraordinary circumsta…

You Are Your Habits with Julien Smith

Julien Smith is a long-time friend and familiar face on the podcast. I first brought him on in 2013 to talk about why not caring about what others think is a useful skill to have as a creator in any field (translation: he penned a LEGENDARY blog post c…

Maximizing Creativity + Navigating the Messy Middle with Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky is an entrepreneur, author, and early investor in companies like Pinterest, Uber, and Periscope, and others. He also co-founded Behance in 2006, sold it to Adobe in 2012 and recently became Adobe’s Chief Product Officer.  But more than his…

The Most Important Conversation About Life… Death with Michael Hebb

Michael Hebb is an artist, activist, restaurateur, long time friend of mine and probably the closest thing that comes to an expert on death. He is a hyphenated renegade, seemingly more comfortable swimming upstream and addressing taboo subjects than he…

Interview: NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik on Photography from the ISS

Astronaut photographers on the International Space Station have dazzled us for years with eye-popping photos and videos shot from orbit. To learn more behind-the-scenes details of photography on the space station, photographer Jared Polin interviewed NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik. In the 21-minute interview above, Bresnik discusses everything from his favorite camera equipment onboard the ISS […]

The Street Photography of Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz is a talented photographer who discovered his passion for street photography on the sidewalks of downtown Los Angeles. Here’s a great 4-minute interview with Ruiz by StreetShootr about his mindset and work. “I see light,” Ruiz says. “Basically what I’ve trained my eyes to focus on is the quality and the value of […]

Pete Souza Looks Back on 1.9 Million Photos of Obama

NPR‘s Fresh Air just aired this fantastic 30-minute interview (here’s a transcript) with Pete Souza, the Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. In it, Souza reflects on 8 years of capturing Obama’s presidency, creating an archive of over 1.9 million photos during that time. Souza was a silent […]

The Story Behind That Iconic Portrait of Steve Jobs

Photographer Albert Watson is the man behind the iconic photo of Steve Jobs that is seen all over the Internet and on the cover of the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson. In this 2-minute video from Profoto, Watson shares a delightful peek into the shoot itself. “Just wanted to let you know, Steve hates photographers.” […]

An Interview with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is a New York-based photographer who shoots fashion, advertising, and celebrity portraiture. He has shot top celebrities for some of the largest brands and publications in the world. PetaPixel: Can you tell us about yourself and your background? Michael Schwartz: I just a regular dude from Miami. I really had very little interest […]

BTS: The Quirky and Minimalist Photos of Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís

Here’s an Adorama “Through the Lens” episode that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creative minimalist architectural portraits of photographers Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís, whom we featured back in July. “Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís are both visionary photographers, currently living in Valencia Spain,” the show writes. “These two photographers both have a unique […]

The Story Behind That Viral ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme Photo

One of the hottest memes this year is the “Distracted Boyfriend,” also known as “Man Looking at Other Woman.” It shows a man looking backward, checking out another woman while his partner gives him a disapproving look. The photo emerged in memes earlier in 2017 before going extremely viral and peaking in August. If you […]

An Interview with Renowned Celebrity Photographer Douglas Kirkland

Photographer Jared Polin recently sat down with famous celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland and his wife, Françoise, and recorded this 36-minute interview. It’s a peek inside the mind, life, and career of a legend. Born in 1934, Kirkland is famed for his work with all kinds of stars. He has taken portraits of Marilyn Monroe, in 1961, […]

The Woman Who Paints the Backdrops Used by Top Photographers

Sarah Oliphant is a backdrop painter working in New York City whose highly sought after $1,000+ backdrops are used by many of the world’s top portrait photographers. Here’s a 47-minute interview by portrait photographer Peter Hurley, who sat down with Oliphant at her new studio in Bushwick, NYC to see how she works and to […]

An Interview with Photographer Richard McLaren

What do President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Tina Turner, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pierce Brosnan, Jon Bon Jovi, Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Orlando Bloom, Patrick Swayze and Heath Ledger have in common? The magical lens of Richard McLaren has captured them all. And this is only a small sampling of famous people who McLaren has photographed in his […]

A Profile of Photographer Keith Carter

Keith Carter is a Texas-based photographer whose ethereal style and beautiful depiction of “truth and beauty” have often led him to be referred to as a “poet with a camera”. In this moving 15-minute interview with The Art of Photography, Carter discusses his career, how his projects come together, illness, and his legacy. Keith Carter […]

An Inspiring Look at the Life and Work of Photographer Zhang Jingna

Here’s an 8-minute video by Adorama about the Beijing-born photographer Zhang Jingna. In the interview, we get a glimpse into the life and career of a fashion, beauty, and fine art photographer who puts a unique spin into her work. “Jingna discovered photography during her time at art school, and eventually dropped out to pursue her passion […]