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Taron Egerton’s Huge Admiration Makes Elton John Feel Uneasy - Celebrity News

According to the 'Rocketman' actor, the 'Candle in the Wind' hitmaker feels extremely uncomfortable whenever people worship and look at him like he's a God.

Elton John Applauds Ellen DeGeneres for Her Defiance Amid George W. Bush Friendship Backlash - Celebrity News

The 'Finding Dory' star herself has previously addressed the controversy by reminding people that it is OK to be friends with people who do not share same beliefs.

Elton John Dubs Michael Jackson ‘Disturbing’ and ‘Mentally Ill’ in New Memoir - Celebrity News

Describing the King of Pop as 'the most adorable kid' when he first met him, Elton said in his book that at some point, Michael 'started sequestering himself away from the world.'

Elton John Glad He Didn’t Introduce His ‘Sociopath’ Mom to His Kids - Celebrity News

The 'Rocket Man' singer didn't regret his decision to block his children from meeting their grandmother because he was afraid that she would criticize them.

Elton John Blamed for the Death of His Former Mentor, Called ‘Coward’ - Celebrity News

According to Dick James' son Stephen, the lawsuit launched by the Rocket Man against the late producer shocked the music mogul and sent him to 'an early grave.'

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