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Capture One 12: A Re-Designed User Interface, New Tools, and More

Capture One is a professional raw image converter which offers you beautiful rich colors and precise detail for getting the maximum out of your camera’s raw files. In its latest release, Capture One 12 reveals a newly re-designed user interface with …

Why You Should Be Using Both Sessions and Catalogs In Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is a behemoth of a raw converter. Its ability not only to bring out amazing detail in raw files but also to efficiently organize photos before, during, and after a shoot is truly impressive. If you haven’t used Capture One before, or …

3 Quick and Inexpensive Ways To Control Ambient Light For Your Portraits

It doesn’t always take expensive equipment to make big changes to the mood of a shot. Here are a couple ways I found to improve my portraits with a tool I didn’t so much buy as I found laying in the trash.
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Five Changes for a Better Capture One

Capture One is regarded as one of if not the best pieces of raw-developing software available for professional photographers. Image quality resulting from Capture One processing is undoubtedly among the industry leaders, but the software itself could…

Fujifilm X-T3 Crop Mode: Known Bug in Capture One

If you are like me and have gotten the chance to either purchase or play with a Fujifilm X-T3 recently, you may be excited to try out the new crop mode for 30 frames per second or the new sport-finder feature. Unfortunately, if you are a Capture One …

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