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    Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is now the first player to reach 4 fWAR

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    Plakata man good

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    Jared Walsh Crushes a ball for home run #14 making it 10-2

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    Patrick Sandoval in 3 starts since Ohtani missed his train: 17 Innings 4R 3ER 5BB 18K

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    He's allowed only a .225 BA against as well

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    Game of the Day 6/13 ⚾ Cardinals (32-32) @ Cubs (37-27) 7:08 PM ET

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    Cardinals (32-32) @ Cubs (37-27)

    First Pitch: 7:08 PM at Wrigley Field

    CardinalsCarlos Martinez (3-6, 6.21 ERA)ESPNKMOX
    CubsZach Davies (3-3, 4.45 ERA)ESPNWSCR, WRTO (ES)
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    Line Score - Middle of the 6th


    Box Score

    CContreras, Wn200001.2403BArenado200001.283
    CFHapp, I200001.193LFO'Neill201001.288
    2BSogard211001.2422BCarpenter, M100010.181
    SSAlcántara, S200000.290SSDeJong200002.173
    PDavies201001.214PMartínez, C100001.105
    Davies6.01001674-484.05Martínez, C5.04200575-535.71

    Scoring Plays

    B3Joc Pederson reaches on a fielding error by shortstop Paul DeJong. Eric Sogard scores.1-0
    B3Anthony Rizzo singles on a sharp line drive to right fielder Tommy Edman. Joc Pederson scores. Kris Bryant to 3rd.2-0

    Updated at 8:36 PM.

    Remember to sort by new to keep up!

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    Brock Holt gives Mookie Betts the cold shoulder after his home run.

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    Brock Holt gives Mookie Betts the cold shoulder after his home run. submitted by /u/handlit33
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