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Addiction, Reinvention, and Finding Ultra with Endurance Athlete Rich Roll

Rich Roll is a New York Times best selling author, endurance athlete, parent and beautiful human being. He first came across my radar a few years ago when he completed FIVE Iron Mans in five consecutive days. That’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, finished off with a marathon in one day — TIMES 5 DAYS!! On the show, we dive into reinvention, overcoming addiction and depression, explore plant based diets, and his spiritual calling… We also cover: After a decade of living what he though the “American dream of success” was, he found himself miserable and in a career that he pursued because he thought that’s what we should do. He shares his journey OUT OF THE MESS… and advice for pursuing what our hearts tell us. We cover parenting and helping to develop agency in our kids and future generations – to leave the planet better off than we found it. And, how embracing our weakness, our struggles, and our pain in life – just might be our strongest ally in living the life we were meant to live… This episode is a whopper.  Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast below if you dig.  Please give Rich […]

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Persevering through Failure with Melissa Arnot Reid

Melissa Arnot Reid is a mountain guide, speaker, and founder of the nonprofit organization, The Juniper Fund. She was the first American woman to summit and descent Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and also holds the record for summiting the t…

Photos of Parkour Athletes in New York City Wearing Formal Wear

My name is Ben Franke, and I’m a photographer and director based in New York. For my new project Black Tie Parkour, I photographed two parkour athletes running around Downtown Manhattan while doing Parkour in formal wear. I’ve been shooting parkour for over ten years, and the majority of parkour athletes that I’ve met in […]

Shooting Portraits of Baseball Star Kris Bryant Fielding Real Fireballs

Photographer Rob Snow and Red Bull have just released a new red hot series of photos that involved gasoline, baseballs, a blowtorch, and World Series hero Kris Bryant. Third base is sometimes referred to as the “Hot Corner” because balls get sizzled that way at speeds up to 125mph. Snow says that the idea was […]

Wet Plate Portraits of WWE Superstars

New York-based photographer James Weber recently shot a series of portraits of WWE wrestling superstars using the 1800s wet plate collodion process. The photos were shot over two days in two different arenas where the stars were wrestling: one day it was at the Sun National Bank Center in New Jersey, and the second was […]

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