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Dog Sledding: How the Races Helped One Photographer Come Back From the Dark

Documentary photographers have the opportunity to see the world in ways the everyday photographer may never understand. With the ability to chronicle events, they can tell stories from inside the action. However, this can also take a toll on the mind…

Photographer Documents Mice Living in his Garden After Constructing Miniature Home and Playground

Wildlife photographer Simon Dell has made the most of the wildlife inhabiting his garden by assembling a village in which his resident mice can live and play, providing them with such amenities has provided him with the opportunity to snap some close…

Filmmakers Criticised For Intervening with Trapped Penguins in Antarctica

A film crew have found themselves amid controversy, after they “broke with convention” and interfered when a group of penguins got stuck during filming for David Attenborough’s new BBC series.
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Unique Holiday Gift Idea: Photograph Your Own Pet Calendar

The holidays months can bring extra leisure time, and there’s nothing more rewarding than spending that free time on a challenging photography project. Last holiday, I decided to turn my fidgety energy into something creative and fun: a pet calendar …

Incredible Photo of Bats Hunting Uses Ground-Breaking Infrared Lighting Rig

Photographer Paul Colley spent 14 months creating an ingenious infrared lighting system in order to capture bats hunting at night without disturbing them. After winning first prize in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, he talked to Fstoppers to…

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