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Jumpshot not regiestering

Everytime i double check my correct jumpshot the game gives me a totally different one. Same thing applies to my 2 other charactere who get the same clothing or tattoos .Like wtf is there a way to fix this submitted by /u/qhurtz [link] …

MyGM Mode?

Hi friends,

Looking to get this and my primary modes are traditionally MyGM and MyCareer. I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask the die-hard fans versus like general reviewers and the like. Here goes:

  1. Is the MyCareer like every other year where after the ‘prologue’ all the cut scenes vanish and it’s just a grind of games with no real story beats or context to keep you playing (other than dominance etc)?

  2. I hear MyGM was ruined and you can’t customize quarter length, difficulty, or use classic draft classes. Is this true? Does this mode suck now? Is there a patch on the way to fix it?

  3. Overall impressions, How do we feel about this years product?

submitted by /u/ANTVGM64
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