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    Best Baseball Player Nicknames, Categorized

    Best Baseball Player Nicknames, Categorized

    America's Pastime /u/cgables

    Animals (insects listed separately)

    • Ape (Kevin Appier)
    • Big Puma (Lance Berkman)
    • The Big Bear (Mike Garcia)
    • The Bird (Mark Fidrych)
    • Baby Bull (Orlando Cepeda) HOF
    • The Big Bull (Pedro Alvarez)
    • The Bull (Greg Luzinski)
    • Bulldog (Orel Hershiser)
    • El Caballo (Carlos Lee)
    • Big Cat (Johnny Mize) HOF
    • Catfish (Jim Hunter) HOF
    • The Cobra (Dave Parker)
    • Crab (Jesse Burkett) HOF
    • The Condor (Michael Saunders)
    • Crow (Frankie Crosetti)
    • Mr. Cub (Ernie Banks) HOF
    • Crime Dog (Fred McGriff)
    • Doggy (Tony Perez)
    • One Dog (Lance Johnson)
    • Big Donkey (Adam Dunn)
    • Ducky (Joe Medwick) HOF
    • The Gray Eagle (Tris Speaker) HOF
    • The Old Fox (Clark Griffith) HOF
    • Froggy (Bill Hands)
    • El Gato (Andres Galarraga)
    • Gator (Ron Guidry)
    • Goose (Rich) Gossage HOF
    • Big Groundhog (Orval Overall)
    • Hawk (Andre Dawson) HOF
    • Iron Horse (Lou Gehrig) HOF
    • Iron Pony (Sandy Alomar, Sr)
    • King Fish (Tim Salmon)
    • King Fish 2.0 (Mike Trout)
    • Kitty (William Bransfield)
    • The Lobster (Kyle Lobstein)
    • Mad Dog (Greg Maddux) HOF
    • The Octopus (Antonio Alfonseca)
    • El Oso Blanco (Evan Gattis)
    • Panda (Pablo Sandoval)
    • Penguin (Ron Cey)
    • Pig (Frank House)
    • The Polar Bear (Pete Alonso)
    • The Rat (Gary Gaetti)
    • Rabbit Maranville HOF
    • Rhino (Ryan Klesko)
    • Rooster (Doug Rader)
    • The Shark (Mark Melancon)
    • The Squirrel (Jeff McNeil)
    • Sugar Bear (Larvell Blanks)
    • Mr. Tiger (Al Kaline) HOF
    • Tony the Tiger (Tony Phillips)
    • El Toro (Fernando Valenzuela)
    • La Tortuga (Willians Astudillo)
    • Turkey (Norman Stearnes) HOF
    • The Vulture (Phil Regan)
    • Wild Horse (Yasiel Puig)


    • The Bee (Al Bumbry)
    • The Flea (Freddie Patek)
    • Fly (Fergie Jenkins) HOF
    • Gnat (Larry Bowa)
    • Slug (Harry Heilmann) HOF
    • Spider (Roger Nelson)

    Animals of Myth and Movies

    • Godzilla (Hideki Matsui)
    • King Kong (Dave Kingman)
    • Sasquatch (Mike Zunino)
    • Shrek (Kevin Mench)

    Food and Drink

    • Cakes (Jim Palmer) HOF
    • Candy (William Cummings) HOF
    • Cappuccino (Chris Capuano)
    • Chicken Man (Wade Boggs) HOF
    • Chili (Charles) Davis (AKA "Chili Bowl")
    • El Coffee (Gregory Polanco)
    • Country Breakfast (Billy Butler)
    • Fruit Loops (Mickey Tettleton)
    • Hawaiian Punch (Benny Agbayani)
    • Pie Traynor HOF
    • Pizza Man (Mike Piazza)
    • Ruben Slam-wich (Ruben Sierra)
    • Snacks (Delino DeShields Jr.)
    • Soup (Jeff Suppan)

    Superhero Nicknames

    • Batman (A.J. Burnett)
    • Captain America (David Wright)
    • Flash (Tom Gordon)
    • Incredible Hulk (Brian Downing)
    • Iron Man (Cal Ripken, Jr) HOF
    • Man of Steal (Rickey Henderson) HOF
    • Robin (Jeff Locke)
    • Superman (Kevin Pillar)
    • Thor (Noah Syndergaard)

    Named for Tools or Appliances

    • Black & Decker (Don Sutton) HOF
    • The Dutch Oven (Derek Holland)
    • Hammer (Hank Aaron) HOF
    • Hoover (Brooks Robinson) HOF
    • The Lawnmower (Robbie Ross Jr.)
    • The Microwave (Tim Adleman)
    • Radio (Hanser Alberto)

    Injurious Nicknames

    • 44 Magnum (Eric Davis)
    • The Blade (Mark Belanger)
    • Big Hurt (Frank Thomas) HOF
    • Big Poison (Paul Waner) HOF
    • Bullet (Charles Rogan) HOF
    • Death to Flying Things (Bob Ferguson)
    • Doctor Death (Danny Darwin)
    • Killer (Harmon Killebrew) HOF
    • Little Poison (Lloyd Waner) HOF
    • Mr. Murder (Monte Irvin) HOF
    • Terminator (Tom Henke)


    • El Duque (Orlando Hernández)
    • Duke (Edwin) Snider HOF
    • The Duke of Tralee (Roger Bresnahan) HOF
    • The Earl of Doublin' (Earl Webb)
    • King Carl (Carl Hubbell) HOF
    • King Felix (Félix Hernández)
    • King (Mike) Kelly HOF
    • Rajah (Rogers Hornsby) HOF
    • Sultan of Swat (Babe Ruth) HOF

    Nicknames that replaced real names

    • Cy (Denton) Young HOF
    • Dizzy (Jay) Dean HOF
    • Lefty (Robert) Grove HOF
    • Old Hoss (Charles) Radbourn HOF
    • Pee Wee (Harold) Reese HOF
    • Satchel (Leroy) Paige HOF
    • Schoolboy (Lynwood) Rowe
    • Sparky (George) Anderson
    • Whitey (Edward) Ford HOF
    • Yogi (Larry) Berra HOF


    The Big Six (Christy Mathewson) HOF The Big Train (Walter Johnson) HOF The Bus (Miguel Tejada) Choo-Choo (Clarence Coleman) The Flyin' Hawaiian (Shane Victorino) The Flying Dutchman (Honus Wagner) The Ryan Express (Nolan Ryan) HOF

    Some Classic Nicknames I didn't want to leave out

    • Shoeless Joe Jackson
    • Mr. October (Reggie Jackson) HOF
    • Charlie Hustle (Pete Rose)
    • Splendid Splinter (Ted Williams) HOF
    • The Yankee Clipper (Joe DiMaggio) HOF


    Some of these players had more than one nickname and some would fit in multiple categories, but I only listed each name once.

    There were a lot with animal names. If anyone can come up with a team (one player per position) of the best players from that category, I'd love to see it!

    I spent a lot of time on this (too much), but I'm sure I missed some good ones. If you can think of any I missed that would fit into one of the above categories, suggestions are welcome.

    submitted by /u/cgables
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