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    Best Baseball Player Nicknames, Categorized

    America's Pastime /u/cgables

    Animals (insects listed separately)

    • Ape (Kevin Appier)
    • Big Puma (Lance Berkman)
    • The Big Bear (Mike Garcia)
    • The Bird (Mark Fidrych)
    • Baby Bull (Orlando Cepeda) HOF
    • The Big Bull (Pedro Alvarez)
    • The Bull (Greg Luzinski)
    • Bulldog (Orel Hershiser)
    • El Caballo (Carlos Lee)
    • Big Cat (Johnny Mize) HOF
    • Catfish (Jim Hunter) HOF
    • The Cobra (Dave Parker)
    • Crab (Jesse Burkett) HOF
    • The Condor (Michael Saunders)
    • Crow (Frankie Crosetti)
    • Mr. Cub (Ernie Banks) HOF
    • Crime Dog (Fred McGriff)
    • Doggy (Tony Perez)
    • One Dog (Lance Johnson)
    • Big Donkey (Adam Dunn)
    • Ducky (Joe Medwick) HOF
    • The Gray Eagle (Tris Speaker) HOF
    • The Old Fox (Clark Griffith) HOF
    • Froggy (Bill Hands)
    • El Gato (Andres Galarraga)
    • Gator (Ron Guidry)
    • Goose (Rich) Gossage HOF
    • Big Groundhog (Orval Overall)
    • Hawk (Andre Dawson) HOF
    • Iron Horse (Lou Gehrig) HOF
    • Iron Pony (Sandy Alomar, Sr)
    • King Fish (Tim Salmon)
    • King Fish 2.0 (Mike Trout)
    • Kitty (William Bransfield)
    • The Lobster (Kyle Lobstein)
    • Mad Dog (Greg Maddux) HOF
    • The Octopus (Antonio Alfonseca)
    • El Oso Blanco (Evan Gattis)
    • Panda (Pablo Sandoval)
    • Penguin (Ron Cey)
    • Pig (Frank House)
    • The Polar Bear (Pete Alonso)
    • The Rat (Gary Gaetti)
    • Rabbit Maranville HOF
    • Rhino (Ryan Klesko)
    • Rooster (Doug Rader)
    • The Shark (Mark Melancon)
    • The Squirrel (Jeff McNeil)
    • Sugar Bear (Larvell Blanks)
    • Mr. Tiger (Al Kaline) HOF
    • Tony the Tiger (Tony Phillips)
    • El Toro (Fernando Valenzuela)
    • La Tortuga (Willians Astudillo)
    • Turkey (Norman Stearnes) HOF
    • The Vulture (Phil Regan)
    • Wild Horse (Yasiel Puig)


    • The Bee (Al Bumbry)
    • The Flea (Freddie Patek)
    • Fly (Fergie Jenkins) HOF
    • Gnat (Larry Bowa)
    • Slug (Harry Heilmann) HOF
    • Spider (Roger Nelson)

    Animals of Myth and Movies

    • Godzilla (Hideki Matsui)
    • King Kong (Dave Kingman)
    • Sasquatch (Mike Zunino)
    • Shrek (Kevin Mench)

    Food and Drink

    • Cakes (Jim Palmer) HOF
    • Candy (William Cummings) HOF
    • Cappuccino (Chris Capuano)
    • Chicken Man (Wade Boggs) HOF
    • Chili (Charles) Davis (AKA "Chili Bowl")
    • El Coffee (Gregory Polanco)
    • Country Breakfast (Billy Butler)
    • Fruit Loops (Mickey Tettleton)
    • Hawaiian Punch (Benny Agbayani)
    • Pie Traynor HOF
    • Pizza Man (Mike Piazza)
    • Ruben Slam-wich (Ruben Sierra)
    • Snacks (Delino DeShields Jr.)
    • Soup (Jeff Suppan)

    Superhero Nicknames

    • Batman (A.J. Burnett)
    • Captain America (David Wright)
    • Flash (Tom Gordon)
    • Incredible Hulk (Brian Downing)
    • Iron Man (Cal Ripken, Jr) HOF
    • Man of Steal (Rickey Henderson) HOF
    • Robin (Jeff Locke)
    • Superman (Kevin Pillar)
    • Thor (Noah Syndergaard)

    Named for Tools or Appliances

    • Black & Decker (Don Sutton) HOF
    • The Dutch Oven (Derek Holland)
    • Hammer (Hank Aaron) HOF
    • Hoover (Brooks Robinson) HOF
    • The Lawnmower (Robbie Ross Jr.)
    • The Microwave (Tim Adleman)
    • Radio (Hanser Alberto)

    Injurious Nicknames

    • 44 Magnum (Eric Davis)
    • The Blade (Mark Belanger)
    • Big Hurt (Frank Thomas) HOF
    • Big Poison (Paul Waner) HOF
    • Bullet (Charles Rogan) HOF
    • Death to Flying Things (Bob Ferguson)
    • Doctor Death (Danny Darwin)
    • Killer (Harmon Killebrew) HOF
    • Little Poison (Lloyd Waner) HOF
    • Mr. Murder (Monte Irvin) HOF
    • Terminator (Tom Henke)


    • El Duque (Orlando Hernández)
    • Duke (Edwin) Snider HOF
    • The Duke of Tralee (Roger Bresnahan) HOF
    • The Earl of Doublin' (Earl Webb)
    • King Carl (Carl Hubbell) HOF
    • King Felix (Félix Hernández)
    • King (Mike) Kelly HOF
    • Rajah (Rogers Hornsby) HOF
    • Sultan of Swat (Babe Ruth) HOF

    Nicknames that replaced real names

    • Cy (Denton) Young HOF
    • Dizzy (Jay) Dean HOF
    • Lefty (Robert) Grove HOF
    • Old Hoss (Charles) Radbourn HOF
    • Pee Wee (Harold) Reese HOF
    • Satchel (Leroy) Paige HOF
    • Schoolboy (Lynwood) Rowe
    • Sparky (George) Anderson
    • Whitey (Edward) Ford HOF
    • Yogi (Larry) Berra HOF


    The Big Six (Christy Mathewson) HOF The Big Train (Walter Johnson) HOF The Bus (Miguel Tejada) Choo-Choo (Clarence Coleman) The Flyin' Hawaiian (Shane Victorino) The Flying Dutchman (Honus Wagner) The Ryan Express (Nolan Ryan) HOF

    Some Classic Nicknames I didn't want to leave out

    • Shoeless Joe Jackson
    • Mr. October (Reggie Jackson) HOF
    • Charlie Hustle (Pete Rose)
    • Splendid Splinter (Ted Williams) HOF
    • The Yankee Clipper (Joe DiMaggio) HOF


    Some of these players had more than one nickname and some would fit in multiple categories, but I only listed each name once.

    There were a lot with animal names. If anyone can come up with a team (one player per position) of the best players from that category, I'd love to see it!

    I spent a lot of time on this (too much), but I'm sure I missed some good ones. If you can think of any I missed that would fit into one of the above categories, suggestions are welcome.

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    RECENT mlb records that will likely never be broken

    America's Pastime /u/cgables

    Records set in the Deadball Era are the least likely to ever be broken because of how different the game was. Chief among them, Cy Young's 749 complete games and 511 wins and Walter Johnson's 110 shutouts. Ty Cobb's career batting average (.366 or .367 depending on your source) seems pretty safe as well. For that reason I'm limiting this discussion to just records that were set more recently. I'll have the starting point be Sep 14, 1987, when Cal Ripken reached his consecutive innings milestone early on in his consecutive games streak.

    Career Totals:

    5,714 strikeouts, Nolan Ryan, 1993

    2,795 bases on balls, Nolan Ryan, 1993

    7 no-hitters, Nolan Ryan, 1991-05-01

    1,406 SB, Rickey Henderson, 2003

    335 CS, Rickey Henderson, 2003

    2,558 BB, Barry Bonds, 2007

    688 IBB, Barry Bonds, 2007

    Streaks across multiple seasons:

    8,264 consecutive innings, Cal Ripken, Jr, 1987-09-14

    2,632 consecutive games, Cal Ripken, Jr, 1998-09-19

    84 consecutive saves converted, Eric Gagne, 2004-07-05

    Season Totals

    120 IBB, Barry Bonds, 2004

    232 BB, Barry Bonds, 2004

    262 Hits, Ichiro Suzuki, 2004

    73 HR, Barry Bonds, 2001

    1.422 OPS, Barry Bonds, 2004

    .609 OBP, Barry Bonds, 2004

    .863 SLG, Barry Bonds, 2001


    Other than Gehrig, no other player has half as long a consecutive games streak as Ripken's 2,632. The active leader (through 2020) is Whit Merrifield with 307.

    Suzuki batted .372 in 762 plate appearances to reach 262 hits.

    To put Bonds' single season record of 120 IBB in perspective, the 2019 major league leader in BB (total BB, not intentional) had 119.

    The closest to Bonds' 688 career IBB is Pujols with 312. No one else has 300.

    Bonds led the NL in IBB 12 different years including 7 in a row from 1992 to '98, pre-juice.

    Ryan's 2,795 bases on balls is even more unreachable than his 5,714 strikeouts. Verlander is the active leader in both K's and BB's as of the end of 2020. He has 3,013 K's but only 851 BB's.


    Add Bonds' OPS, SLG, and OBP single season records after original post. Kudos to ARussianW0lf for catching those omissions.

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