Author: Tim Behuniak

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On Location With Nikon Ambassador Keith Ladzinski and the Nikon Z 6

Thinking of purchasing a new Nikon mirrorless camera? Watch this video to see what it’s like to shoot with the Nikon Z 6 on location.
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How One Photographer Reached the Top of His Field: An Interview With Patrick Cone

How does a photographer have names such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, Powder Magazine and The New York Times on his client list? And how might you be able to do the same?
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It’s Time to Capture New Landscape Images

If you’re an aspiring professional landscape and outdoor photographer, it might be time to stop capturing those iconic landscape scenes.
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Clear Evidence To Stop Geotagging Specific Locations Of Your Nature Photographs On Social Media

I recently wrote an article asking photographers to stop tagging locations of outdoor photographs. Here’s a follow-up to that piece, with a great supplemental video from Vox.
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The Difference Between Photographers, Artists, and Instagrammers

Photographers, artists, and Instagrammers. A common theme unites all: the use of a camera. But there’s also a significant mindset and philosophy, in my opinion, that separates the three.
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