On This Day in Space! Nov. 29, 1969: Australia Launches Its 1st Satellite

On Nov. 29, 1969, the first Australian satellite launched. It was called the Weapons Research Establishment Satellite. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series!

Can Venus Teach Us to Take Climate Change Seriously?

A new federal report warns of gloomy changes if human-induced climate change continues unchecked — but a nearby world has an even hotter climate problem than ours, and scientists say we could learn some valuable lessons from it.

Epic 64-Satellite SpaceX Launch Will Honor 1st Black Astronaut with Canopic Jar Sculpture

The first African-American astronaut will soon get a fitting spaceflight tribute, if all goes according to plan.

Success of Tiny Mars Probes Heralds New Era of Deep-Space Cubesats

The era of the interplanetary cubesat has dawned.

Russians Are Struggling to Keep Soyuz Reliable, Space Expert Warns Ahead of Crew Launch

While the Soyuz spacecraft has been delivering crews to space for decades, with a history of reliability over that time, changes in the industry mean that Russia is now struggling to keep its spaceflights safe, said an expert in the Russian space program.

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