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    Author: Johnny Oleksinski

    Bruce Springsteen returning to Broadway this month

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    The imminent start date, June 26, almost definitely makes "Springsteen on Broadway" the first show to play the Great White Way since theaters were shuttered in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The highs – and astonishing lows – of Angelina Jolie’s film career

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    The chameleon-like celebrity has delivered at least one Oscar-worthy performance - and a number of serious clunkers.

    Billionaire Elon a ‘Musk see’ on ‘mediocre’ episode of ‘SNL’

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    Even if it was an average episode of "Saturday Night Live," the host was a Musk see.

    Netflix horror film inspired by New York ax murder

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    New Yorkers might get freaky flashbacks while they watch the new Netflix horror film "Things Heard & Seen." An unhappy young mother (Amanda Seyfried) is brutally murdered with an ax, her child is found eerily seated on the couch downstairs and a studious husband (James Norton) leaves shortly after the crime. That depraved déjà vu...

    Oscars 2021 tortured viewers for more than 3 unbearable hours

    If you opened the window and listened closely Sunday night, you could hear it: the sound of millions of remote controls changing the channel during the 2021 Oscars.

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