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Photographer Documents Mice Living in his Garden After Constructing Miniature Home and Playground

Wildlife photographer Simon Dell has made the most of the wildlife inhabiting his garden by assembling a village in which his resident mice can live and play, providing them with such amenities has provided him with the opportunity to snap some close…

People are Accusing the Viral Photo of a Mother and Children Fleeing at the US Border of Being Staged

An image taken by a photographer whom was documenting the scenes as tear gas was launched by the U.S. Border Patrol, is dividing opinion. The photo has been widely circulated this week, but some are claiming they have proof it was staged.
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Did You Know it’s Illegal to Photograph the Eiffel Tower at Night?

It’s one of the most photographed and recognizable monuments in modern history. But did you know it’s actually illegal to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night?
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First Pictures of Planet Mars Emerge From NASA’s Lander Mission

NASA’s InSight lander has arrived safely on Mars, and the first clear pictures have come back.
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Filmmakers Criticised For Intervening with Trapped Penguins in Antarctica

A film crew have found themselves amid controversy, after they “broke with convention” and interfered when a group of penguins got stuck during filming for David Attenborough’s new BBC series.
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