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Author: Carmen DiPippo

Dancer With Down Syndrome Talks About Her Inspiring SYTYCD Audition: ‘Reach for the Stars!’

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When Phoebe Kochis first watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, she told her mom "I'm going to go on that show." Kochis, 19, has been a dancer for the past 16 years, and that dream began when she was just five. However, because she has Down syndrome, those dreams were often doubted. "We were told when she was born not to get our hopes up and not to expect much," Phoebe's mother, Jeanie Kochis, tells PEOPLE. "She would never do normal things like ride a bike or potty train, even." But Phoebe wasn't to be stopped. Not only did she audition for the show, but she's . . .

Real Housewives of Potomac’s Ashley Darby Welcomes Son with Husband Michael

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Ashley Darby has officially welcomed her son into the world! On Sunday, The Real Housewives of Potomac star, 31, announced she gave birth to her first child with husband Michael Darby by her side. "I never thought this day would come. When I learned I was pregnant, I started thinking about when I'd feel the first kicks," the new mom wrote on Instagram. "Then, when I was feeling the flutters, I wanted to know when I'd finally start to show. After watching the bump grow, my mind went to birthing day (WILL THIS REALLY HAPPEN?!) And when the day finally came that this sweet child came . . .

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