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[LIDOM – Video] Albert Pujols walk-off infield single in his first career LIDOM game

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Nick Nurse when reading game thread takes and calls to get him fired

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Israel moves ahead with thousands of settler homes despite U.S. opposition

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Man Dressed As The Joker Stabs At Least 17 Passengers On Tokyo Train

This is absolutely terrifying! While aboard a commuter train near Kokuryo station in Tokyo Sunday, a 24-year-old man dressed as the Joker went on a rampage and started randomly stabbing people. According to TMZ, witnesses told police and local media t…

TIL of the Jedi Census Phenomenon which was a grassroot movement to mark Jedi as your religion on the census form. Over 390k people marked this in the UK making it the fourth largest religion, surpassing Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism.

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