1,000 Paths to Success with Jack Conte

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When it comes to career trajectories, Jack Conte is my brotha from anotha mothA !!  Our paths could not be more similar…. He started his career as a musician, was a YouTuber making videos, and turned tech entrepreneur by co-founding Patreon, an incredible tool for artists to get paid directly by their fans (just like Beethoven used to…) You are going to love this conversation. Jack’s career — be it in music, videos, or business, has been forged by embracing that there’s a *different* way to do it all. Today more than ever before, there are a million ways to win at anything your heart desires.  The road less traveled isn’t a well lit path… you are bound to fall on your face a few times, BUT those who do find success will largely have done it THEIR OWN WAY.  In Jack’s words, “If you’re questioning whether to keep going or if it’s time to give up, keep going…”  and in turn, give this episode a listen to the end- you’ll be glad you did. A few topics from this episode: Imposter syndrome exists in even the most successful people in the most glamorous of professions. We are all just […]

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