Frankfurt Station

Like the nearly empty road in Poem of the Road, train stations give rise to existential questions.  Where are we hurrying, and why? When a track and platform are empty, has anyone actually traveled that way? When I am travelling by train, I am always wondering about departures and arrivals—if not my own, then the […]

Start Before You’re Ready — with Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton 

If you don’t know Brandon, you definitely know his work. Brandon is the creator of Humans of New York which has accumulated over 25 million followers and has since evolve to include two NYT-bestselling books (Humans of New York and Humans of New York: …

Campanulas X-Rays

I write this from the train from Frankfurt to Berlin, where Julian K. and I are sitting in a first class car at the all-important table, with the all-important wi-fi connectivity. Since I am connected to the world of the Internet, I can post this! We are working on processing images from yesterday’s fusion light […]

Gardens of Maine

So far, this is a wonderful Garden Photography workshop despite the rather overpowering heat and humidity (a bit unexpected on the coast of Maine, even in August). There are fourteen participants, a very full house for this kind of workshop, but everyone is quite nice, and we don’t get in each other’s way.  I have […]

Once upon a Tintype

My uncle, at least I think he was my uncle, came back from far away places, India and beyond. He was footsore, and he wanted to rest for days, indeed weeks and months to recuperate. He brought with him iron-bound chests of rough-hewn wood. His caution to me not to open his luggage of course […]